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BACS is pleased to announce
two major updates:

Through a collaboration of the cities of Oakland, Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville and with Alameda County, BACS has opened an as-needed Warming Center. The Warming Center at the Henry Robinson Center shall be designed to accommodate up to 15 Oakland and Emeryville homeless clients. The Warming Centers shall ensure physical safety for vulnerable populations and inclement weather respite for the general homeless population when weather conditions warrant.

In addition, the Homeless Outreach program is expanding to serve more people!

Since 1953, Bay Area Community Services has been a leader in developing and delivering cost-effective services to adults with mental illness and seniors in Alameda County, CA.

We are committed to providing effective alternatives to institutionalization and improving the quality of life for those whom we serve.

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BACS Food Pantry

The BACS Food Pantry is
now accepting donations!
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BACS 2014 Annual Report
Our 2014 Annual Report is available online.

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